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The Seven Laws of Business that Made Chrysler the World's Hottest Car Company


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Category: Leadership & Management


In this summary, you will learn

  • How turnaround genius Robert A. Lutz rescued Chrysler
  • The content and application of Lutz’s Immutable Laws of Business


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Why you should read Guts

Former Chrysler president and vice-chairman Robert A. Lutz proves that sometimes a corporate leader can write a terrific book (it just doesn’t happen very often). If Lutz ever decides to get out of the corporate arena entirely, he would make a fabulous comedian. Known as a colorful and brilliant leader ever since he turned Chrysler around in the early ’90s, he shares the ideas that saved the company as well as others he believes could help any organization succeed. Lutz is direct, holds nothing back and points out the lunacy behind most corporate decisions. getAbstract thinks of him as the Dennis Miller of corporate honchos. He fills his how-to book with plenty of examples from his Chrysler days, making it a provocative page-turner that any businessperson can relish.

About the Author

Robert A. Lutz is the former president and vice-chairman of Chrysler Corporation. He has held senior management positions in four of the world’s top car companies: Ford, General Motors, BMW and Chrysler. Automotive News calls him "The towering figure in the American automobile industry in the last three decades."

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