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Not sure what gift to give your bosses on their birthdays, loved ones on their anniversaries or students when they graduate? Whatever the occasion, with our gift subscription, you can offer them a present that will jump-start their careers, update their skills, increase their knowledge and get them ahead of the pack. With our vast online library of tens of thousands of titles, anyone can learn all there is to know about real-world leadership, expert negotiation, non-stop innovation or personal communication. In fact, with nearly 100 categories, our book summary library offers broad and deep knowledge in every area of business.

You can purchase this great gift at a reduced price! Get 50% off your second and any additional gift subscription.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
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    Choose the subscription you want to purchase below. Pick either our best-selling Gold Subscription (giving you access to thousands of business summaries) or our very economical Silver Subscription.
  2. Personalize
    On the next page, you can personalize your gift with a message and the date upon which it should be issued. Send it today or on a special date of your choosing.
  3. Done! Your gift recipient will be notified via email.
    When your purchase is complete, we will email your gift recipient on the date specified, providing the username and password. You can also print the gift subscription if you choose. That's it!


Thirty (30)

  • Limited access:
    Four summaries you choose, and 26 summaries that we choose for you.
  • You can download your four summaries in all the different formats that are available, including audio.
  • Every other week, we will send you a title that's relevant to your job and personal interests based on the profile you define.



  • Instant access to thousands of business book summaries:
    Available 24/7 on any device. We add new titles daily.
  • Maximum mobility:
    Real-time reading and audio streaming. Free apps and cool features such as synced favorites, Travel Packs and Knowledge Packs.
  • Weekly Personalized Summary Service:
    Each week, we will send you a book abstract (in PDF format) that is relevant to your individual interests based on the profile you define.