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Don't Bring It to Work

Breaking the Family Patterns that Limit Success


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Category: Career & Self-Development

Don't Bring It to Work

In this summary, you will learn

  • How behavioral patterns at work link to family upbringing
  • How to recognize the most common, destructive patterns
  • How to fix your dysfunctional patterns


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Why you should read Don't Bring It to Work

It’s your first day on your new job, and you’re meeting your new colleagues. You shake hands, make eye contact and offer a pleasant smile. But for some reason, you instinctively don’t like one or two people; they make you uncomfortable. How is it possible to judge people whose names you don’t even know? Therapist and relationship expert Sylvia Lafair believes that the seeds of workplace conflict are rooted in your family background. She posits that the behaviors modeled in your childhood and your relationship with your family members create subliminal expectations that you subconsciously project onto others, including strangers. Lafair suggests that understanding your upbringing is the linchpin to avoiding and resolving workplace conflict. The author offers profound, detailed insight into the psychological dynamics that govern interpersonal relationships. Recognizing your family patterns is just the first step, though; the real work lies in your willingness to change your behavior. Though Lafair’s approach may not resonate with everyone, getAbstract recommends her book to managers and employees who wish to avoid perpetuating destructive cycles of workplace conflict.

About the Author

Sylvia Lafair, a former family therapist, is president of Creative Energy Options, Inc., a consulting firm that addresses conflict resolution and leadership issues.

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