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Power and Influence

The Rules Have Changed


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Category: Career & Self-Development

Power and Influence

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to maximize your power and influence
  • How to treat other people
  • What you must do to have ongoing versatility and success


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Why you should read Power and Influence

Robert L. Dilenschneider gives readers an immediately applicable guide to increasing their influence over others. Not a management handbook per se, this book instead focuses on general principles of human interaction, social awareness, cultural positioning, perspective and strategy. Dilenschneider shares personal stories about interactions with highly influential people such as Henry Kissinger, accounts that vividly illustrate his expertise. That said, even though Dilenschneider claims in his subtitle that “the rules have changed,” many of his rules sound somewhat old-fashioned. Do 21st century business leaders really need to hear that they must adapt to changing technology? Nevertheless, Dilenschneider’s insistence on traditional standards of ethics and courtesy is refreshing. Business interactions would be far more dignified if everyone followed his advice. Thus, getAbstract recommends this book to up-and-comers and others who are looking for something beyond a cutthroat ethic.

About the Author

Robert L. Dilenschneider is founder and CEO of a public-relations company, and the author of On Power, The Corporate Communications Bible and other business-related books.

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