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The Best Things in Life

A Guide to What Really Matters

Oxford UP,

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Category: Career & Self-Development

The Best Things in Life

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why puzzling over the philosophical questions of a good life matters
  • What qualities make up a good life
  • How combining different types of goodness might make your life good
  • How to find your best life


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Why you should read The Best Things in Life

Professor of philosophy Thomas Hurka ponders what makes a good life. He writes simply, explaining philosophical concepts with understandable examples: Chocolate and sex, for instance, are good. Hurka layers his concepts, one upon another, weaving a modern and interesting – if not necessarily compelling to the reader who is not philosophically minded – report on what comprises a good life. More practical readers might prefer tips or parameters, but this isn’t a self-help guide. It’s more of a discussion, with points to consider and directions for reaching your own conclusions. Hurka’s ability to cite Kant, Socrates and other philosophical giants without getting bogged down helps readers consider theories they might find otherwise inaccessible. getAbstract suggests this book to managers, executives, entrepreneurs and armchair philosophers seeking gentle guidance toward a more rewarding life.

About the Author

Thomas Hurka teaches ethics and philosophy at the University of Toronto, where he holds a chair in Philosophical Studies. His other books include Perfectionism; Virtue, Vice, and Value; and Principles: Short Essays on Ethics.

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