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The One Minute Negotiator

Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements


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Category: Career & Self-Development

The One Minute Negotiator

In this summary, you will learn

  • What is “negotiaphobia”
  • How to plan for a negotiation with the “EASY treatment process”: engage, assess and strategize, and conduct “your one-minute drill”
  • What the four negotiation strategies are
  • When to use each strategy


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Why you should read The One Minute Negotiator

People intensely dislike negotiating. This is true for everyone, including senior business professionals. This dread may derive from the mistaken attitude that negotiation must be a win- lose confrontation. Not so, according to Don Hutson and George Lucas, who provide a memorable, three-step process you can use to negotiate effectively. getAbstract likes this book’s clear-headed, easy-to-follow explanation of the essence of negotiation, including how to plan for a negotiation and how to negotiate successfully. However, the book is mistitled. Nothing takes only one minute, certainly not the careful assessment, strategic thinking and tactical planning that the authors correctly assert must accompany any negotiation. Otherwise, this is an outstanding book that can help you become a more successful negotiator.

About the Authors

Don Hutson, author of 12 books, is chairman and CEO of US Learning, where consultant George Lucas serves on the board.

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