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Top Notch Executive Resumes

Creating Flawless Resumes for Managers, Executives, and CEOs

Career Press,

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Category: Career & Self-Development

Top Notch Executive Resumes

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to write an executive résumé
  • How to highlight your accomplishments and present yourself as a desirable candidate
  • How to avoid the worst résumé don’ts
  • How to create a personal brand and incorporate it in your résumé


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Why you should read Top Notch Executive Resumes

The most essential component of any job search is, and has always been, the résumé. In this book, résumé specialist Katharine Hansen covers the basics and intricacies of résumé writing for candidates seeking executive positions. She explains, with thoroughness and an up-to-date sensibility, if not originality, that today’s executive résumé must be more than a listing of positions and responsibilities. It must detail the candidate’s challenges and accomplishments while defining his or her “unique value proposition” and creating a personal brand. Hansen explains how to do this and offers numerous examples, samples and case studies. She describes how to create a portfolio of marketing tools in addition to your résumé. getAbstract recommends this thorough, comprehensive reference as a valuable resource for anyone seeking an executive position, right up to the C-level.

About the Author

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., is the creative director at the job-search site, “Quintessential Careers.” She worked as a professional résumé writer for five years.

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