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Your Best Just Got Better

Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More


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Category: Career & Self-Development

Your Best Just Got Better

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to improve your workflow
  • How to implement change in the way you work
  • Why focusing on improving your efforts is important


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Why you should read Your Best Just Got Better

Most people can imagine their ideal day, but what would it take to make your perfect day – or parts of it – come to life? Jason W. Womack, an executive coach and workplace performance trainer, tells you how to change your habits and make your ideal day a reality. Womack identifies some commonsense ideas about how to “work smarter, think bigger and make more.” While few of his ideas are revolutionary, they add up to a compelling prescription for breaking through barriers that hold you back. getAbstract recommends Womack’s well-constructed collection of sound, practical, life-improving advice to anyone seeking increased efficiency and productivity.

About the Author

Jason W. Womack, an executive coach and trainer and the CEO and founder of the Jason Womack Company, has given more than 1,200 seminars on workplace performance.

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  1. September 2, 2013 Patrick Brigger
    we all know this, but he re-surfaces some very interesting points that really can improve your workflow
  2. January 23, 2013 John DAgostino
    Some fantastic points to help you focus on those things that are most important.

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