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Conspiracy of Fools

A True Story

Broadway Books,

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Category: Concepts & Trends

Conspiracy of Fools

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why Enron imploded
  • How Andy Fastow engineered questionable partnerships
  • How the international division went wrong
  • How it all ended


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Why you should read Conspiracy of Fools

You might think you know all about the Enron debacle, but this page-turner sheds new light on the scandal of the century. From Jeff Skilling's drinking and dithering to Andy Fastow's bullying and badgering, this report plumbs the depths of Enron's skullduggery. Accomplished journalist Kurt Eichenwald writes in a novelistic style, using dialogue, scenes and action to move his plot along. The result is a very complete and compelling account of Enron's collapse. At times, Eichenwald oversteps, such as when he reports what Skilling was thinking during a night of heavy drinking. While this is a lengthy tome, Eichenwald rewards those readers who keep a stiff upper lip with a fast-moving, in-depth account. getAbstract recommends this book to managers and investors who want a reminder of what happens when greed trumps common sense.

About the Author

Kurt Eichenwald wrote this book while working as a reporter at The New York Times. He also wrote The Informant and Serpent on the Rock.

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