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The Net Delusion

The Dark Side of Internet Freedom

Public Affairs,

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Category: Concepts & Trends

The Net Delusion

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the “Google Doctrine” that the West inherently promotes is dangerous
  • How information technology takes the risk of exploitation for political ends
  • How to understand and address the negative consequences of information technology


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Why you should read The Net Delusion

Social studies scholar Evgeny Morozov may occasionally be cranky and stylistically conflicted, but his original arguments provide refreshing insights. He debunks nearly religious beliefs about the intrinsically positive power of the Internet and total information access. Morozov demonstrates how propagating this optimistic view of the web drowns out more subtle positions and keeps governmental and societal attention focused on less meaningful activities. getAbstract recommends this worthy polemic to those engaged in cyberculture, those trying to decipher cultural change, and those dedicated to understanding and promoting freer societies.

About the Author

Evgeny Morozov is a Schwartz Fellow at the New American Foundation and contributing editor for the Boston Review and Foreign Policy.

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