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The Party

The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers


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Category: Economics & Politics

The Party

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) helped China become a world economic power
  • What roles the military, regions and businesses have played, and continue to play, in China’s transformation
  • How the CCP maintains its grip on power


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Why you should read The Party

Do you feel as if you see “Made in China” everywhere you look? Financial Times correspondent Richard McGregor explains why and more. He unveils the secrets of one of the most mysterious organizations in the world: the Chinese Communist Party. If you think a communist organization controlling a major global economy is counterintuitive, you’re probably right. But McGregor explains how it all happened – and the roles that various entities such as business, the Chinese military, and the nation’s regions and cities continue to play. Understanding how an anticapitalist, communist country became one of the world’s economic powerhouses means dealing with a cast of thousands and a dizzying array of names and roles. And time is marching forward as China’s new head of state, Xi Jinping, is now replacing Hu Jintao, the leader at the book’s center. Still, getAbstract is confident readers will come away with a better understanding of what makes China tick. This is a must-read for executives interested in doing business with China and for anyone who wants to understand the system that governs its one billion people.

About the Author

Journalist Richard McGregor writes for the Financial Times and was its bureau chief in China from 2000 to 2009.

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