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The Goldwatcher

Demystifying Gold Investing


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Category: Finance

The Goldwatcher

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why gold intrigues investors, particularly in bad economic times
  • How its history and production affect its value
  • How to invest in gold


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Why you should read The Goldwatcher

Gold continues to cast its spell on investors, particularly in the wake of difficult and uncertain economic times. Gold market analysts John Katz and Frank Holmes seek to shed some light on this “stateless money,” mining its history and technical details in order to guide curious potential investors. Published in 2008, their book predates the subsequent global financial crisis and gyrations in gold prices, but it is still spot-on with many of its predictions and comments. Though pockmarked with grammatical errors and a bit out of date, it offers good information on websites and references, as well as reams of charts and graphs that readers may find useful. getAbstract suggests this book to those wondering whether to take the gold plunge, particularly those who want an expert perspective on this valuable but volatile precious metal.

About the Authors

John Katz is a financial analyst and writer based in London. Frank Holmes is CEO and chief investment officer at US Global Investors, Inc.

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