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Hiring Great People


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Category: Human Resources

Hiring Great People

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to construct a comprehensive job description
  • How to avoid legal problems during the hiring process
  • Why you have to “sell” your job opening


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Why you should read Hiring Great People

Kevin C. Klinvex, Matthew S. O’Connell, and Christopher P. Klinvex present a guide to creating a more effective hiring process. They cover each step, from defining the job to hiring the best person. The book provides techniques for attracting the right employees through advertising and promotion. It also covers effective use of applications, interviews, testing, and background checks. This book is clear, well-organized, and easy-to-read. While some of the suggestions may be obvious to those who are experienced at hiring, they are presented in a careful, step-by-step way. getAbstract recommends this book to those involved in the hiring process in larger companies, from company owners and top managers to human resource professionals. Small business owners who wish to use more sophisticated hiring techniques may also find it useful.

About the Author

All three authors are founders of Select International. In the past decade, Kevin C. Klinvex has designed cutting-edge staffing programs for leading companies including AT&T, Citibank, General Motors, and Toyota. Matthew S. O’Connell, Select’s Director of Research and Development, has designed computer assessment systems and evaluation tools for more than 100 companies in seven countries. Christopher P. Klinvex, Select’s Director of International Operations, heads its Monterey, Mexico office.

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