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The Insider's Guide to Supervising Government Employees

Management Concepts,

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The Insider's Guide to Supervising Government Employees

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why effective supervision matters so much in a government office
  • How to be a better government supervisor by focusing on five areas of concern


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Why you should read The Insider's Guide to Supervising Government Employees

Whether government works is a hotly debated topic, but perhaps not for the reasons you’d think. Government veteran and management expert Kathryn M. Johnson makes a compelling argument that when public systems perform inefficiently, poor supervision is the problem. Leading people, she says, is one of the public administrator’s most crucial roles. Yet many newly promoted government managers come to their jobs feeling ill equipped. Johnson and 32 other seasoned contributors provide practical guidance and helpful real-world examples for new supervisors – inside and outside of government. If anything, new public sector managers may wish for more specifically government-related guidance (in fact, the word “politics” appears only once), and new private sector supervisors may be surprised how useful this manual is. Still, if you’re a novice municipal, state or federal agency boss and want to lead your people well, getAbstract believes you’ll gain knowledge and reassurance from this straightforward, applicable book.

About the Author

Editor Kathryn M. Johnson worked in government for more than 20 years. She is a management consultant specializing in the public sector. The contributors to this anthology include a wide variety of experienced public sector managers.

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