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Hard-Core Management

What You Won't Learn from the Business Gurus

Kogan Page,

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Category: Leadership & Management

Hard-Core Management

In this summary, you will learn

  • What three deadly delusions and ten dangerous misunderstandings lead managers astray
  • Why you should take conventional management principles with a whole bag of salt


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Why you should read Hard-Core Management

This blunt, irreverent book blurts out what many people in business have long suspected: nearly everything you learned in business school is wrong and most of what you read in corporate mission statements and strategic plans makes no sense. Author Jo Owen takes on all of the shibboleths of yesteryear’s management literature - romance your customer, communicate, invite change and so on - and demolishes each one. The approach is raw and blatant; it stands in relation to ordinary business books much as punk rock stands in relation to easy listening. The author seems to be saying something no one else has dared to say. But do not confuse the novelty of the presentation with the novelty of the material itself. To some extent, Owen’s recommendations revise the conventional wisdom of the recent bubble years and replace it with a new and - if not more sober - certainly less effervescent orthodoxy. getAbstract recommends taking a thoughtful look. What people are starting to say more and more often, Jo Owen has perhaps expressed with the most originality.

About the Author

An entrepreneur and founding director of Teach First, Jo Owen is also the author of the best-seller Management Stripped Bare: What They Don’t Teach You at Business School.

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