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Hot Groups

Seeding Them, Feeding Them, & Using Them to Ignite Your Organization

Oxford UP,

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Category: Leadership & Management

Hot Groups

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why hot groups, like shooting stars, do their magic and then disappear
  • How to lead a hot group
  • Why hot groups operate outside the normal workplace parameters


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Why you should read Hot Groups

This book is about using and encouraging intense teams at work. Jean Lipman-Blumen and Harold J. Leavitt make it clear that hot groups are not a new management phenomenon. They have existed since the beginning of time. The ability of hot groups to respond to problems quickly with innovative solutions will make them an essential component of organizations in the future. Many of the techniques mentioned in this book can be used without instituting major changes in your organization. While the book offers many organizational case studies as evidence of the effectiveness of hot groups, it lacks hard numerical data showing the bottom-line results organizations get when they support hot groups. Despite that, getAbstract recommends this book to managers and leaders who want to introduce or use hot groups or are already using groups in their organization.

About the Authors

Jean Lipman-Blumen is the author of The Connective Edge: Leading in an Interdependent World (1996). Harold J. Leavitt is the author of Managerial Psychology: Managing Behavior in Organizations.

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