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Jesus CEO

Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership


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Category: Leadership & Management

Jesus CEO

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the Omega management style incorporates and enhances the best from masculine and feminine leadership styles
  • How Jesus’s successful management practices stemmed from the principles that guides his life and teachings
  • What three kinds of leadership strengths Jesus had


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Why you should read Jesus CEO

Laurie Beth Jones zeroes in on the qualities that made Jesus a successful leader, one of the most respected and beloved in human history. This book introduces you to Jesus, the executive, not Jesus, the religious messiah. The book is not written as a Christian guide to leadership. In fact, it isn’t written as a continuous narrative at all. Jones offers many sayings based on Jesus’ biblical teachings and the qualities he demonstrated. She poses each saying or quotation as a separate lesson accompanied a couple of pages of description and interesting examples. A widely praised, national best seller, this book is engaging, delightfully written, detailed yet concise, and witty. It presents what amounts to a very fleshed-out list of leadership attributes. getabstract recommends this book to managers and leaders, regardless of their religion or cultural identity.

About the Author

Laurie Beth Jones  is president and founder of the Jones Group, an advertising, marketing, and business development firm based in Encinada, California. She implements the Omega Management principles in her work with businesses and other clients.

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