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Ownership Quotient

How to Build Organizations That Win Through Customer and Employee Engagement

Harvard Business Review Press,

Category: Leadership & Management

Ownership Quotient

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James L. Heskett, W. Earl Sasser and Joe Wheeler write with authority as pioneers in the concept of building the “service profit chain,” a “working environment in which carefully selected, highly capable, engaged employees interact with customers to create customer value far superior to that offered by the competition.” Companies worldwide have adopted their philosophy since its introduction almost 20 years ago. In this book, they expand on the concept, and provide new material plus case studies about companies that excel. These exemplars include ING Direct, Rolls Royce, IBM, Fairmont Hotels and Whole Foods, all of which demonstrate the ideas in this short, very readable, if somewhat repetitive, book. getAbstract recommends this manual to business owners and managers who want to build on their most important assets: their customers and employees.

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