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The Ghosn Factor

24 Lessons from the World’s Most Dynamic CEO


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Category: Leadership & Management

The Ghosn Factor

In this summary, you will learn

  • Who Carlos Ghosn is
  • What his accomplishments are
  • Which 24 management lessons he considers most important


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Why you should read The Ghosn Factor

At first glance, Miguel Rivas-Micoud’s book about auto industry CEO Carlos Ghosn’s 24 top management philosophies seems to focus on advice you already know: establish a clear vision, focus on priorities, put profits first. It is a big challenge for an author to explain precisely how a brilliant manager like Ghosn does his job so much better than most other people do similar jobs. There’s the rub: Even managers who know what to do may not know exactly how to execute their work with artistry. To his credit, Rivas-Micoud offers 24 clear management concepts from Ghosn, and tries to convey the magic of how Ghosn leads with such symphonic success. getAbstract acknowledges the value of the principles Rivas-Micoud outlines. These are solid, if not fresh, touchstones from a business superstar.

About the Author

Miguel Rivas-Micoud, an English professor at Tokyo University, has written numerous books on management, society, economics and politics, and is the co-author of Renaissance, an autobiography of Carlos Ghosn.

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