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The Inspirational Leader

How to Motivate, Encourage and Achieve Success

Kogan Page,

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Category: Leadership & Management

The Inspirational Leader

In this summary, you will learn

  • The three facets of action-oriented leadership
  • The difference between a manager and a leader
  • How good leaders inspire their followers


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Why you should read The Inspirational Leader

Leadership guru John Adair talked with a bright young executive about leaders and the tenets of leadership, and recorded the conversations in this unique, philosophical book. Adair addresses tough questions about leadership and drills down beyond management and deep into human nature. He doesn't bother with leadership buzzwords, but instead discusses in meaningful terms the qualities that make a leader effective. People aren't born leaders, Adair says, they are made. Although the book is a bit too philosophical at times, the author's instructions to the young executive (which make up the text of the book) are thought-provoking, and the quotes peppered throughout the book are memorable. If you aspire to transform your management abilities into true leadership skills, getAbstract encourages you to sit down with the professor and his young protégé and enjoy the conversation.

About the Author

John Adair has written more than 30 books on leadership and leadership development, Adair is professor of leadership studies at the University of Surrey in England. His other books include The Leadership of Jesus, How to Find Your Vocation, Effective Strategic Leadership and Not Bosses But Leaders.

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