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The Secrets of CEOs

150 Global Chief Executives Lift the Lid on Business, Life and Leadership

Nicholas Brealey Publishing,

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Category: Leadership & Management

The Secrets of CEOs

In this summary, you will learn

  • What it means to be a chief executive officer (CEO) today
  • What big challenges CEOs face
  • What distinguishes the most common types of CEOs


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Why you should read The Secrets of CEOs

Famous chief executive officers (CEOs) have an aura of invincibility. But scandals and failures have engulfed many infamous CEOs who ultimately lost their powerful jobs. And avoiding risk is no guarantee of top-job security. Many companies want their CEOs to serve as agents of change, not caretakers. How do successful CEOs stay on top? The answer depends on their style of leadership. Today, most chief executives are superb managers or bold entrepreneurs. Others are visionaries or astute diplomats. To find out what motivates CEOs and how they think about leadership, Steve Tappin and Andrew Cave conducted comprehensive interviews with 150 chief executives and compiled their findings in this book. getAbstract recommends their work to anyone who wants to know how CEOs think and act.

About the Authors

Steve Tappin is a managing partner of an executive search firm. He is an expert on CEO issues. Andrew Cave is a financial journalist with the Daily Telegraph in London.

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