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The Moral Limits of Markets

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What Money Can’t Buy book summary
A personalized look at the morality of markets – or, what would you charge to tattoo a logo on your face?


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In this timely treatise, Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel intervenes in the cultural trend toward expanding the market’s role in society. In a balanced and humane tone – and with exceptionally smooth prose – he calls for a discussion of society’s most profound values. Sandel’s Harvard lectures are popular because he makes the complex accessible. That said, he unfortunately slides past some of the issues: More than once, he writes of ideas and activities that society judges as ethically dubious, without offering supporting evidence in the text. That objection aside, getAbstract recommends this moral investigation to a wide range of readers: It will be particularly useful to economists and to anyone concerned about doing the right thing.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the market economy has expanded
  • Why introducing market values sometimes makes society worse
  • What ethical questions such issues provoke


Morality, Markets and Meaning
Today, you can buy almost anything. Whether you’re in prison and want a better cell, or live in the West and want a “surrogate mother” in India (where surrogacy is legal and far less costly than in the US) to carry your child, you can have it...if you have...
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About the Author

Michael Sandel, author of the bestseller, Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?, is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass professor of government at Harvard University.

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    Love it, recommendation to everyone. 

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