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Millionaire Upgrade

Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane


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Category: Small Business

Millionaire Upgrade

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to put the lessons contained in the acronym “I BELIEVE” to work
  • Why enjoying hard work is vital for entrepreneurial success
  • How your persistence and tenacity will pay off
  • Why great people are the magic ingredient you need for lasting success


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Why you should read Millionaire Upgrade

This business parable uses a composite successful entrepreneur who shares the principles of success that Richard Parkes Cordock learned by interviewing 50 self-made millionaires. The format of the story is based on a real event that happened when one of the Cordock relatives was seated next to Sir Richard Branson on a flight. Sir Richard, just like the Michael Redford of the book, was generous in sharing his business insights with the young entrepreneur. The book describes the key differences between the entrepreneur and the rest of us: attitude, persistence and tenacity. The acronym “I Believe” appears a bit strained, but the principles behind it are sound, established and timeless. getAbstract suggests this book may be best for a younger person ready to break out and take on the world, but even a more mature, seasoned entrepreneur may benefit from the pep talk.

About the Author

Richard Parkes Cordock specializes in personal leadership and self-made business success, and is the creator of the self-development program Millionaire MBA.

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