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Business War Games

How Large, Small, and New Companies Can Vastly Improve Their Strategies and Outmaneuver the Competition

Career Press,

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Category: Strategy

Business War Games

In this summary, you will learn

  • What war games are
  • When to conduct a war game
  • Who should participate
  • What to do and what not to do when setting up a war game


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Why you should read Business War Games

This short manual provides an action-oriented introduction to the art of the war game. Benjamin Gilad presents interesting anecdotes and examples from ancient and contemporary military and economic history. He offers a general description of the war-game process, the circumstances under which this role-playing exercise is appropriate, and tips on what to do and not do. He also supplies a detailed by-the-clock description of an exemplary war game. getAbstract finds that his book will help any manager who is considering using war gaming and is wondering how to start.

About the Author

Benjamin Gilad, Ph.D., ran war games for 25 years on behalf of Fortune 500 clients in various industries. He is a former associate professor of strategy at Rutgers University’s School of Management, and the founder and president of The Academy of Competitive Intelligence.

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