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Why Things Bounce Back

Free Press,

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Category: Strategy


In this summary, you will learn

  • How resilience manifests in individuals and systems
  • Why it is increasingly important
  • How people and systems can become more resilient


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Why you should read Resilience

Innovation consultant Andrew Zolli and journalist Ann Marie Healy draw examples from widely diverse economic, natural and social systems to explain the nature of resilience, its significance and the factors that contribute to it. The concepts in this complex exposition apply to society today and will become increasingly relevant as world systems become progressively interconnected and stressed. Even though Zolli and Healy offer no easy answers, their treatise outlines ways to augment systemic resilience. getAbstract recommends this ambitious work to futurists, risk managers, crisis management planners and systems thinkers.

About the Authors

Andrew Zolli directs the global innovation network PopTech and was a National Geographic Society fellow. Ann Marie Healy is a journalist, playwright and screenwriter.

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