The one-through-ten level rating indicates how complex a book is and whether it is targeted to novice (1), intermediate or expert (10) readers. In addition to our quality ratings and the recommendation, this score is intended to show how the author treats the subject of the book, so that you have a better idea whether the summary and the book fit your needs.

Novice: Level 1-3
This is an easily understandable introduction to a new subject for any reader. The author does not use technical terms. The book gives the reader an initial overview of the subject. It is directed more to beginners or trainees than to experienced professionals.

Intermediate: Level 4-7
Fully understanding the book requires a certain fundamental knowledge about the subject. The author uses some technical terms. The book is directed toward professionals with standard working experience in the field.

Expert: Level 8-10
The book draws on in-depth knowledge of the subject. The author uses a range of technical terms that would be challenging for laypeople. The book is directed to professionals with ample working experience.