The Inside-Out Effect: A Practical Guide to Transformational Leadership

Stanford University’s Behnam Tabrizi—bestselling author of Rapid Transformation—and Michael Terrell have just released a thought-provoking and Wall Street Journal Bestselling new book called The Inside-Out Effect that addresses one of our society’s most glaring paradoxes: Why, in today’s world of ever-increasing wealth, technology, and opportunity, are key indicators of discontent and malaise—things like rates of depression, divorce, and substance abuse—climbing at alarming rates? Their answer, in short, is that most of us lead our lives backwards. The decisions we make, partners we choose, and things we pursue are predominately the result of a fundamentally flawed, yet widely accepted way of doing things: from the outside-in. The authors propose a simple to say yet revolutionary to do solution: strive to live our lives in alignment with our core values and truest selves. Through their years of research and working with others, they have found that doing so brings about greater happiness, fulfillment, and performance. It’s called the Inside-Out Effect.

Submitted by Michael Terrell

ISBN: 9780988224599



  Being reviewed
Submitted by Michael Terrell
August 13, 2013

Reviewed by Koni Gebistorf
August 28, 2013

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