The Sales Managers Guide to Greatness: Ten Essential Strategies for Leading Your Team to the Top

I work at IBM Germany and read the book with great enthusiasm. Kevin Davis really gives a shortcut to be a great sales manager. When we educate our trainees, most of the stuff they have to learn is about experience and is based on knowledge which is verry bound to tacit context. This book extracted the steps to become a great sales manager in a really good way. That is why I want to recommend it to my co-workers and trainees. Because I always enjoy reading getabstract documents, i know that you mastered how to extract the essence of a book in a verry nice and graphically beautiful way. When I read a good book, I always highlight and "dog-ear" interesting sections. Problem is: Because there are so many points my whole book is a mess (haha). I know you guys mastered the art of distilling every key-aspect of a book. That is why you would do me and my co-workers a huge favor by creating a getabstract version of this. Thank you in advance and keep on doing this great work. Kind Regards André Jung

Submitted by Andre Jung

Kevin F. Davis, Greenleaf Book Group LLC, 2017-03-28
ISBN: 9781626343887


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Submitted by Andre Jung
June 14, 2017

Reviewed by Koni Gebistorf
June 16, 2017

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