Where Others Won't: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom

In Principles, Ray Dalio admits that the culture at Bridgewater Associates has been significantly influenced by pro sports (specifically Vince Lombardi). And, in their culture documents, Netflix admits that they operate like a pro sports team. But, many in the corporate sphere still see sports as being nothing more than a cliche. Where Others Won't provides first-hand interviews and anecdotes from across the sports world and translates them back into 'business-speak'. There are lessons to be gleaned from the way sports teams recruit, lead, build culture and manage performance, but you need to dig deeper than surface level. In the culture log (appendix), Cody summarizes over 53 basic ideas for readers. They will learn such things as: - Human recruit humans - Looking past mandatory qualifications - Tenure is overrated for leadership - Trait theory is nonsense - Leadership is a sliding scale - Culture is a daily activity, not yearly - You can't copy culture - The need for alignment in culture - You're measuring the wrong statistics - Everything you do need to be about getting a competitive advantage Interviews include: Joe​ ​Dumars​ ​-​ ​Former​ ​Detroit​ ​Pistons​ ​president.​ ​2​ ​x​ ​NBA​ ​champion​ ​as​ ​a​ ​player. Ted​​ ​​Sundquist​​ ​​-​​ ​​Former​​ ​​General​​ ​​Manager​​ ​​of​​ ​​the​​ ​​Denver​​ ​​Broncos.​​ ​​2​​ ​​x​​ ​​Super​​ ​​Bowl​​ ​​champion. Ralph​​ ​​Krueger​​ ​​-​​ ​​Former​​ ​​Edmonton​​ ​​Oilers​​ ​​and​​ ​​Switzerland​​ ​​coach.​​ ​​Southampton​​ ​​FC​​ ​​president. Steven​ ​Caldwell​ ​-​ ​Former​ ​Burnley,​ ​Sunderland,​ ​Toronto​ ​FC​ ​and​ ​Scotland​ ​captain. Igor​ ​Kokoskov​ ​-​ ​Utah​ ​Jazz​ ​assistant​ ​coach.​ ​Coached​ ​Slovenia​ ​to​ ​EuroBasket​ ​title​ ​in​ ​2017. Na’il​​ ​​Diggs​​ ​​-​​ ​​Green​​ ​​Bay​​ ​​Packers​​ ​​linebacker.​​ ​​Also​​ ​​Ohio​​ ​​State,​​ ​​Panthers,​​ ​​Rams​​ ​​and​​ ​​Chargers. Mike​​ ​​Wessinger​​ ​​-​​ ​​CEO​​ ​​of​​ ​​PointClickCare. Ashley​​ ​​Lawrence​​ ​​-​​ ​​Midfielder​​ ​​for​​ ​​Paris​​ ​​St.​​ ​​Germain​​ ​​and​​ ​​Canada. Daniel​​ ​​Jackson​​ ​​-​​ ​​Spent​​ ​​10​​ ​​seasons​​ ​​at​​ ​​Richmond​​ ​​(AFL).​​ ​​Club​​ ​​Best​​ ​​&​​ ​​Fairest. Luke​ ​Casserly​ ​-​ ​Head​ ​of​ ​Performance,​ ​Football​ ​Federation​ ​of​ ​Australia. Mohamed​​ ​​Bedri​​ ​​-​​ ​​Swedish​​ ​​national​​ ​​karate​​ ​​team. Gary​​ ​​Curneen​​ ​​-​​ ​​Head​​ ​​Coach,​​ ​​Women’s​​ ​​Football​​ ​​at​​ ​​University​​ ​​of​​ ​​California,​​ ​​Bakersfield Emile​​ ​​Studham​​ ​​-​​ ​CEO​ ​of​ ​Performance​ ​By​ ​Design.

Submitted by Cody Royle

Cody Royle, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017-12-07
ISBN: 9781545017555



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December 12, 2017

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January 12, 2018

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