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Scope of These Terms and Conditions

I hereby assure that I am the copyright owner of all components of the uploaded content, which is my original creation. No copyright infringement occurs anywhere worldwide when my work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed or produced as derivative work.

I hereby grant getAbstract AG non-exclusive, worldwide and cost-free rights to display, promote, distribute and sell abstracts of my content. This material will be made available as single abstracts and as part of getAbstract's subscriptions. It will be delivered over multiple platforms (for example, through other portals and portable devices) and various formats worldwide. Abstracts will also be appear in getAbstract’s other promotional media activities and through third-party providers.

I indemnify getAbstract AG and its subsidiaries from any damages, lawsuits, claims, liabilities, costs, charges and expenses, including legal fees relating to the use of my uploaded content.

The copyright of the original content remain at all times with me as the rights holder. The copyright of the abstract of my content belongs to getAbstract AG.