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High Performance Habits book summary

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Forget keeping an appreciation diary, self-quantifying, playing to your strengths or logging 10,000 hours of practice. Renowned performance expert Brendon Burchard believes success has little to do with any of those things. He offers his sure-fire formula to achieving high performance and a happier, healthier life through cultivating “6 Habits.” These habits take years to internalize, but when you master them, you’ll gain a sustainable advantage in achieving what’s important to you. Burchard’s guidance rings true. Unlike mushy self-help books, he stays away from platitudes and simplistic advice. Instead, he demands sacrifice and steady effort, but with the promise of deep satisfaction and reward. getAbstract finds his unusual and practical advice might even cause you to rethink your approach and change your ways for the better. 

About the Author

Performance coach Brendon Burchard draws courage and fortitude from surviving two near-death experiences.

Burchard walks a tightrope between inspirational, hard-nosed, real-world guidance and self-help hopes. However, you’ll find little to argue with in his program. Even if you enact only portions of it, you are likely to become healthier and more effective at work and at home. He repeatedly states how difficult the methods he espouses can be, and that’s honorable. At the same time, he describes such profound, fundamental and sweeping change that – as smart as his program is –you may wonder who could gain the willpower to enact these changes just by reading a book. This raises the question of whether Burchard is offering a manual for life change, or simply something inspiring to read before you pick up the remote control and resume life as usual.

Burchard offers these lessons and insights:

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    J. E. 12 months ago
    I appreciate the contributions of the author. Personally, I felt it was a bit programmatic with a lower amount of inspiration. This may be fine for some readers - I enjoy some programmatic solutions with lots of inspiration!
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    M. F. 2 years ago
    Great summary
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    W. B. 4 years ago
    +1 John.

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