Human + Machine
A review of

Human + Machine

Reimagining Work in the Age of AI

Don’t Fear the Robots

by David Meyer

An insightful, knowledgeable, fanciful discussion of the future synergy among people, AI and robots.

Senior executives at Accenture’s IT business, Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson argue persuasively that success in the era of AI isn’t about full automation and throwing millions of people out of work. The authors predict a way forward that combines AI’s strengths – processing, stamina, pattern recognition and consistency – with human soft skills – creativity, judgment and emotional intelligence. This synergy, they maintain, will improve AI while freeing employees from tedium and giving them “superpowers.” The authors describe future jobs that seem unlikely – HR specialists for robots, for example – but they believe AI could fuel a workers’ paradise even in the short term. 

Daugherty and Wilson’s main theme is that success in the AI era depends on rethinking how robots, AI and people will collaborate in your company and your industry. 

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