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How to Encrypt Your Entire Life in Less than an Hour Zusammenfassung
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Today, most people store the trappings of everyday life – personal conversations, photos, financial information – digitally, making them vulnerable to attack. All Internet users must protect themselves using encryption. Fortunately, encryption is easy to implement across multiple websites and devices. Software engineer and teacher Quincy Larson lists eight ways that you can quickly secure your data. For more procedural tips, Larson neatly summarizes steps with screenshots for ease of understanding. While getAbstract always recommends you do further research when it comes to your security, this article serves as an excellent primer to anyone looking for ways to protect themselves online.

Das lernen Sie

  • How to secure your email inbox and cellphone from malicious individuals,
  • How to browse the web privately, and
  • How to have private conversations online.

About the Author

Quincy Larson teaches and blogs at Free Code Camp, an online open source e-learning community for computer programming students.



To protect your data and your identity, follow eight quick and easy steps for encryption: Emails – Your email is the account you need to protect the most, as it likely contains personal and financial information. With access to your inbox, a malicious individual can use password...

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