Summary of Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

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Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility summary
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Formal rules and direct control are inflexible management practices that don’t work for companies in fast-changing, complex environments. Instead, organizational culture holds companies together as shared values align people toward one goal. Despite an informal tone and minor linguistic flaws, Netflix’s deck of PowerPoint slides represents a fine example of such a corporate culture. This guide to its values defines desired employee behaviors and character traits. getAbstract recommends it as a useful blueprint for managers who need to inspire their workforce to do great work.

About the Author

Reed Hastings is the co-founder and CEO of Netflix.



Netflix seeks employees who are results-oriented high performers. It expects staffers to be good communicators who show respect for others and keep their cool in difficult circumstances. With an eye on the company’s goals rather than on team or individual objectives, Netflix employees see the big picture as they identify and prioritize the tasks required to move the company forward, either by simplifying or fixing existing processes, or by finding creative new solutions. These innovative thinkers share an infectious enthusiasm for their work and the company. Netflix staffers are not afraid to speak up. They help one another and...

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