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Think Your Email’s Private? Think Again  summary
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Internet companies make most of their money by stalking you. Firms such as Google track your every digital move, accumulating your personal data so they can optimize their advertising. Scientist Andy Yen believes it’s time to act, before the concept of privacy becomes obsolete. His team already has developed user-friendly email software, ProtonMail, to protect your personal data. Though ProtonMail isn’t a bulletproof solution, it’s a step in the right direction. If you’re concerned about your online privacy, getAbstract recommends Yen’s provocative presentation.

About the Speaker

Andy Yen co-developed ProtonMail, an encrypted email system that protects senders’ and recipients’ privacy.



The Internet has transformed the way people live, communicate and work. While the benefits of 24/7 connectivity are innumerable, there is a downside. Online access to personal information has rendered privacy almost obsolete. Companies such as Google and Facebook trace, analyze and stockpile your every post, purchase and tweet. Moreover, your personal data enjoy virtual immortality. Alas, kids who grew up in the Internet era have a different concept of privacy than preceding generations do. In another 20 years, the notion of privacy might evolve into something that barely resembles privacy levels in 2014.

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