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Yuval Noah Harari’s 400-page history of mankind is a timely meditation on the nature of Homo sapiens’ fickle path: a history not made by great leaders, determinism, guns, germs or steel, but by unexpected nuances of existence. Harari concludes that Homo sapiens prevailed by happenstance, a capacity for language and socialization, curiosity, mercantile fervor and technological prowess – which may yet destroy everything. Harari’s perspective moves among the telescope, microscope and stethoscope, hailing the synchronicities of capitalism, religion and technology. He tracks happiness as a measuring stick of progress. Harari is uneasy about humanity as the intelligent designer of a new “superhuman” – a cyborgian, a machine whose inorganic longings may not include happiness. While always neutral on matters of personal belief, getAbstract recommends this roiling, off-the-beaten path tour de force to readers with patience and open minds, even those who might disagree along the way.

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  • How each iteration of humankind’s development depended on an ever-changing system of abilities, myths and technological breakthroughs; and
  • How Homo sapiens, the product of evolution, became the “intelligent designer” of its descendants and of happiness.

About the Author

Oxford-educated historian Yuval Noah Harari teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Chances Are
Landmarks punctuate human history, including these major transitions: the “Cognitive Revolution” beginning 70,000 years ago; the “Agricultural Revolution” of 12,000 years ago and the “Scientific Revolution” of 500 years ago. A fourth revolution is now unfolding, and it may ...

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    Yair Lior 5 months ago
    somewhat informative but I think these summaries should be more detailed and methodical
  • Avatar
    Dario Melpignano 7 months ago
    Why don't you have the rights to let me read the abstract in Italy while with Blinkist I can?
    • Avatar
      Arnhild Walz-Rasilier 6 months ago
      Thank you for your valid comment, Dario Melpignano. getAbstract as a rule only presents abstracts in territories approved by the rights holders.This so far unfortuntely didn't cover Italy and we have no indication that any other service received a respective license. getAbstract however contacted the rights holder again and as a rule aims to present all outstanding titles on a global scale.
  • Avatar
    Duncan Parkes 2 years ago
  • Avatar
    Michael Butler 2 years ago
    Disappointing that the summary for one of the most significant books of this year isn't available in the UK.
  • Avatar
    Al Cohen 2 years ago

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