Being CEO

Welcome to the corner office. CEOs offer instruction manuals, war stories, personal accounts, cautionary tales and lessons from the office with the best view.

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John Mackey and Irwin Miller

Live Talks LA, 2020


Ellen Kullman and Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale, 2020

The incoming CEO inherits a company on a post-pandemic roll, but roiled by labor unrest and under mounting regulatory scrutiny

Matt Day

Bloomberg Businessweek , 2021

The Microsoft CEO refocused on a company culture where people can take risks and learn from mistakes.

Jenny Luna

Stanford Business, 2020

The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea

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Bill Novelli

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Masters of Scale Podcast: Rapid Response episode

Reid Hoffman and Brian Chesky

WhatWait, 2020

Inside stories of Covid-19 and the new world of business

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