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Change Your Attitude

Take a new approach to your life and work: Turn that frown upside down!


9 Book

Impact Players

How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact
Liz Wiseman
HarperBusiness, 2021
8 Podcast

The Power of the Phoenix Process

How to turn to face what needs to change
Elizabeth Lesser and Julie Masters
Julie Masters, 2022
8 Podcast

Live Limitless

On Leadership with Scott Miller Podcast
Scott Miller and Nick Vujicic
Franklin Covey Company, 2020
9 Book

Raise Your Game

High-Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best
Alan Stein Jr. and Jon Sternfeld
Center Street, 2019
8 Book

The Adversity Hack

Get Out of Your Own Way, Shift Your Thinking, and Change Your World
Meg Poag
River Grove Books, 2021
7 Book

The Alter Ego Effect

The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life
Todd Herman
HarperBusiness, 2019
9 Book


The New Psychology of Success
Carol S. Dweck
Random House, 2006
8 Book

My Morning Routine

How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired
Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander
Portfolio, 2018
8 Book

Mastering Adulthood

Go Beyond Adulting to Become an Emotional Grown-Up
Lara E. Fielding
New Harbinger, 2019
7 Book


Making Sense of Life's Changes
William Bridges
Da Capo Press, 2004