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Climate Change

The industrial revolution was the starting point of an unstoppable increase in carbon emissions, which inevitably leads to global warming. Many scientists believe that a 2°C (3.6°F) rise in global temperature would lead to a major environmental catastrophe. Learn about the climate crisis, current developments in climate research and the emerging technologies that could save the world.

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10 Report

Global Environment Outlook

GEO-6: Healthy Planet, Healthy People
UN Environment
Cambridge UP, 2019
9 Article

What It's Like to Fight a Megafire

Wildfires have grown more extreme. So have the risks of combatting them
M.R. O'Connor
The New Yorker, 2021
8 Article

The Case for a Supply-Side Climate Treaty

The Paris Agreement can be strengthened by a treaty limiting global fossil fuel supply
G. B. Asheim et al.
Science, 2019
8 Article
Rosa Lyster
London Review of Books, 2021
9 Podcast
Tom Raftery and Ralph Chami
Climate 21 Podcast, 2021
9 Report

Weaponizing Economics

Big Oil, economic consultants, and climate policy delay
Benjamin Franta
Taylor & Francis Online, 2021
9 Article

The Divestment Delusion

Why Banning Fossil Fuel Investments Would Crush Africa
Yemi Osinbajo
Foreign Affairs, 2021
8 Article
Mike Lyons et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2021
8 Article

The New Potato

Breeders seek a breakthrough to help farmers facing an uncertain future
Erik Stokstad
Science, 2019
8 Article

Why has climate economics failed us?

Economists could have helped in the fight against climate change. So far, they haven't.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith, 2021