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Climate Change

The industrial revolution was the starting point of an unstoppable increase in carbon emissions, which inevitably leads to global warming. Many scientists believe that a 2°C (3.6°F) rise in global temperature would lead to a major environmental catastrophe. Learn about the climate crisis, current developments in climate research and the emerging technologies that could save the world.

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The Great Siberian Thaw

Permafrost contains microbes, mammoths, and twice as much carbon as Earth’s atmosphere. What happens when it starts to melt?
Joshua Yaffa
The New Yorker, 2022
8 Article

A Safety Net for the Green Economy

How to Protect Workers Hurt By the Fight Against Climate Change
Simone Tagliapietra
Foreign Affairs, 2021
8 Article
Brian Boyle
Daily Upside, 2022
7 Article

Subverting Climate Science in the Classroom

Oil and gas representatives influence the standards for courses and textbooks, from kindergarten to 12th grade.
Katie Worth
Scientific American, 2022
8 Article
Catherine Boudreau
Business Insider UK, 2022
8 Article
Joshua Benton
Neiman Lab, 2022
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Lead for the Planet

Five Practices for Confronting Climate Change
Rae André
University of Toronto Press, 2020
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Tiny Creatures, Part Plant and Part Animal, May Control the Fate of the Planet

Mixotrophs, tiny sea creatures that hunt like animals but grow like plants can change everything from fish populations to rates of global warming.
Aditee Mitra
Scientific American, 2018
8 Article
Ryah Whalen et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2021
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Droughts and Floods May Level Off until 2050, but Then Watch Out

Strange waves in the jet stream foretell a future full of heat waves and floods
Michael E. Mann
Scientific American, 2019