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Human development and survival depends on the environment, including other organisms and non-living surroundings. For the time being, this is provided by Earth. But how are we treating our host planet? It’s clear that our activities reshape our environment – some even fear they may endanger our very existence as a species. So what are our plans for the future?

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The World in a Grain

The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization
Vince Beiser
Riverhead, 2018
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The Nature and Necessity of Bees
Thor Hanson
Basic Books, 2018
7 Article
Ryan Derousseau
Fortune, 2018
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Aspen Ideas
Aspen Institute, 2022
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When Shipping Containers Sink in the Drink

We’ve supersized our capacity to ship stuff across the seas. As our global supply chains grow, what can we gather from the junk that washes up on shore?
Kathryn Schulz
The New Yorker, 2022
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From Big Oil to Big Green

Holding the Oil Industry to Account for the Climate Crisis
Marco Grasso
MIT Press, 2022
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Matthias Baeumler et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2022
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Microsoft Premonition: What if we could predict epidemics like we predict the weather?

Through a network of robotic sensing platforms, Premonition aims to continuously monitor our environment to detect potential pathogens and disease-carrying animals before they cause outbreaks.
Microsoft, 2021
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How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
Jared Diamond
Penguin, 2005
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From Microorganisms to Megacities
Vaclav Smil
MIT Press, 2019