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The COVID-19 pandemic upended working life irrevocably and forced HR departments to re-evaluate their relationship with employees and CEOs. HR increasingly works hand-in-hand with management executives to craft business strategy and place the employee experience at the center – indeed, to put the "human" back in human resources.


8 Article
Dan Schawbel
LinkedIn, 2021
8 Book

Predictive HR Analytics

Mastering the HR Metric
Kirsten Edwards and Dr. Martin Edwards
Kogan Page, 2019
8 Book

Redefining HR

Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance
Lars Schmidt
Kogan Page, 2021
7 Podcast
Dr. Jarik Conrad and Laurie Ruettimann
Punk Rock HR, 2021
7 Book

Scaling for Success

People Priorities for High-Growth Organizations
Andrew Bartlow and T. Brad Harris
Columbia Business School Publishing, 2021
7 Book

HR on Purpose

Developing Deliberate People Passion
Steve Browne
SHRM, 2017
7 Article
Keith H. Hammonds
Fast Company, 2005
9 Article
Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin, 2021
7 Book

Managing Employees Without Fear

How to Follow the Law, Build a Positive Work Culture, and Avoid Getting Sued
Adam Rosenthal
SHRM, 2021
8 Book

Punching the Clock

Adapting to the New Future of Work
Joe Ungemah
Oxford UP, 2021