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When your life suddenly turns upside down or when you just want to make improvements, get advice from the experts – even if it’s just to help you analyze your own views. These personal development summaries provide trustworthy guidance.

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Beyond the nails, one-legged tracksuits, and world records, Florence Griffith Joyner set the stage for women to build million-dollar brands.

Amira Rose Davis

Medium, 2020

Why We Should Think Before We Talk About Our Kids Online

Leah A. Plunkett

MIT Press, 2019

A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

Mark Manson

HarperOne, 2016

R 7
How the flexible work revolution can increase productivity, profitability and wellbeing, and help create a sustainable future

Andrew Barnes

Piatkus Books, 2020

R 7

Anna Zakrzewski et al.

Boston Consulting Group, 2020

How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired

Benjamin Spall et al.

Portfolio, 2018

Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

Anh Nguyen et al.

Dr. Anh, 2018

After nearly seven months at the International Space Station, the Maine native is grateful for salads – but still processing the gravity of a world in quarantine.

Laura Regensdorf

Vanity Fair, 2020

Go Beyond Adulting to Become an Emotional Grown-Up

Lara E. Fielding

New Harbinger, 2019