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How can diseases be treated or even be prevented? And how to diagnose diseases in the first place? The science and practice of medicine seeks to find answers to these questions and to maintain and restore health using a variety of interventions, methods and therapies.

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The China Study

The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health
T. Colin Campbell and M.D. Thomas M. Campbell II
BenBella, 2016
8 Article

Gene Therapy Tackles a Common Birth Defect: Deafness

After false starts, researchers are making progress toward treating deafness with gene therapy
Dina Fine Maron
Scientific American, 2018
8 Article

To Help Aging Populations, Classify Organismal Senescence

Comprehensive disease classification and staging is required to address unmet needs of aging populations
Stuart R. G. Calimport and et al.
Science, 2019
9 Book

Deep Medicine

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again
Eric Topol
Basic Books, 2019
9 Article
International Council of Nurses
ICN, 2021
8 Article

The Pain Gap

After decades of assuming that pain works the same way in all sexes, scientists are finding that different biological pathways can produce an ‘ouch!’.
Amber Dance
Nature, 2019
8 Article

Medicines on Demand

The next big revolution in pharmaceuticals could be miniature production systems – small enough to fit in a briefcase.
Carrie Arnold
Nature, 2019
7 Article

Classify Viruses – The Gain Is Worth the Pain

Viruses hold solutions to a lot of problems, so let’s fund and reward cataloguing, urge Jens H. Kuhn and colleagues.
Eugene V. Koonin et al.
Nature, 2019
7 Book

The Pain Relief Secret

How to Retrain Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body, and Overcome Chronic Pain
Sarah Warren
TCK, 2019
Gary Taubes
Knopf, 2016