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Mental Health

Mental health is essential to living a healthy, productive and balanced life. It impacts how we feel and behave, affecting our decision-making process, personal and professional relationships, job performance and how we cope with stress. Being aware of the challenges to our psychological and emotional well-being is important to develop strategies to deal with stress, solve problems, think flexibly and increase our joy and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

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Jamie Ducharme, 2022

Divergent Mind

Thriving in a World That Wasn’t Designed for You
Jenara Nerenberg
HarperOne, 2020
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Why Cope When You Can Heal?

How Healthcare Heroes of COVID-19 Can Recover from PTSD
Mark Goulston and Diana Hendel
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Jennifer Couzin-Frankel et al.
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Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness, and the Need for a Health Care Revolution
Robert Maunder MD and Jonathan Hunter MD
University of Toronto Press, 2021
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A 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir
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Burnout: Modern Affliction or Human Condition?

As a diagnosis, it’s too vague to be helpful – but its rise tells us a lot about the way we work.
Jill Lepore
The New Yorker, 2021