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The number of people fleeing poverty, persecution, war, famine or natural desasters – or simply looking for better living conditions has increased precipitously in recent years, and is likely to increase further. So far, the global community is lacking a concerted strategy to deal with this trend. These summaries present the latest research on mass migration as well as policy recommendations.


8 Book

The Ungrateful Refugee

What Immigrants Never Tell You
Dina Nayeri
Catapult, 2019
8 Article

Global Migration Drives Global Democracy

How Workers Abroad Weaken Dictators Back Home
Abel Escribà-Folch et al.
Foreign Affairs, 2021

The Warmth of Other Suns

The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration
Isabel Wilkerson
Random House, 2010
8 Book
Sarah Harper
Oxford UP, 2019
8 Report

From Managing Decline to Building the Future

Could a Heartland Visa Help Struggling Regions?
Adam Ozimek et al.
EIG, 2019
8 Book

A River in Darkness

One Man’s Escape from North Korea
Masaji Ishikawa
Amazon Publishing, 2018
10 Article

The 21st Century Gold Rush

How the Refugee Crisis Is Changing the World Economy.
Malia Politzer and Emily Kassie
Huffington Post Highline, 2016
8 Book


Rethinking Refugee Policy in a Changing World
Paul Collier and Alexander Betts
Oxford UP, 2017
8 Video
Economist Films
Economist Films, 2018
8 Article

Europe’s Libya Problem

How to Stem the Flow of Migrants
Sabina Henneberg and Mieczyslaw P. Boduszynski
Foreign Affairs, 2017