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Politics of Iran

In this channel you will find summaries on important domestic issues that inform today's political landscape in Iran, as well as summaries on Iran as an actor on the international stage.


9 Book

Children of Paradise

The Struggle for the Soul of Iran
Laura Secor
Riverhead, 2017
8 Article

America’s Great Satan

The 40-Year Obsession with Iran
Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon
Foreign Affairs, 2019
8 Article

What a War With Iran Would Look Like

Neither Side Wants a Fight, but That Doesn’t Eliminate the Danger
Ilan Goldenberg
Foreign Affairs, 2019
7 Article

A Path to War With Iran

How Washington’s Escalation Could Lead to Unintended Catastrophe
Philip H. Gordon
Foreign Affairs, 2019
8 Book

Revolutionary Iran

A History of the Islamic Republic
Michael Axworthy
Oxford UP, 2016
7 Article

Iran’s Real Enemy in Syria

At a time of economic hardship, Tehran has provided billions of dollars to help Assad crush Islamist rebels. The question is why.
Karim Sadjadpour
The Atlantic, 2018
8 Article

Unforced Error

The Risks of Confrontation with Iran
Emma Ashford and John Glaser
Cato Institute, 2017
8 Article
GIS, 2017
7 Book


What Everyone Needs to Know
Michael Axworthy
Oxford UP, 2017