Step into the store with the masters of retailing – step out with better sales.

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The incoming CEO inherits a company on a post-pandemic roll, but roiled by labor unrest and under mounting regulatory scrutiny

Matt Day

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Kate Schoolov

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The Ultimate Digital Business Engine That Creates Extraordinary Value for Both Customers and Shareholders

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R 9
The pandemic has boosted the adoption of livestreaming among brands and retailers looking to engage more directly with customers. But the addition of shopping features is now transforming livestreaming into a growth engine for e-commerce.

CB Insights

CB Insights, 2021

Amazon is the most formidable force in e-commerce. Here’s how emerging e-commerce players are protecting their businesses from being disrupted by the retail giant.

CB Insights

CB Insights, 2021


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On one side: Amazon. On the other: a new alliance of brands and platforms. Who will win?

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How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives and What the World’s Best Companies Are Learning from It

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