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Weight-based discrimination is a pervasive problem. Here’s how to address it in your workplace.

Enrica N. Ruggs

MIT Sloan Management Review, 2020


Ibram X. Kendi

One World, 2019

R 9
High Times got swept up in the rush for marijuana millions and lost its way.

Ben Schreckinger et al.

Politico Magazine, 2020

Armchair Expert podcast

Dax Shepard et al.

Armchair Expert, 2020

Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government’s totalitarian control – and he’s exporting this technology to regimes around the globe.

Ross Andersen

The Atlantic, 2020

An “SOS” Call to Management

Mark Bussin et al.

KR Publishing, 2019

Disinformation campaigns used to require a lot of human effort, but artificial intelligence will take them to a whole new level.

Renee DiResta

The Atlantic, 2020

The company’s founder says in an interview that he wants it to be “a window” on the world. A Republican senator says it is a “Trojan horse.”

MIchael Schuman

The Atlantic, 2020

(And How to Beat It)

Somi Arian

Kogan Page, 2020

The firms are all too eager to help the government manage the coronavirus crisis.

Franklin Foer

The Atlantic, 2020