Starting a Business

The decision to start your own business is a daunting one. Let these summaries provide you with all the knowledge you need to create your business plan and get your enterprise off the ground.

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37 Business Lessons on How to Succeed in Business With No Money, No Education and No Clue

Brian Will

Brian Will, 2021

Making Entrepreneurship a Fundamental Discipline of Every Enterprise

Eric Ries

Crown, 2017

R 7
How Smart Companies Stop Selling Products and Start Delivering Value (Management on the Cutting Edge)

Marco Bertini and Oded Koenigsberg

MIT Press, 2020

How to Free a Founder from a Sales Role

Anthony Coundouris

Anthony Coundouris, 2019

The Toolkit for Female Founders in the Digital Age

Angelica Malin

Kogan Page, 2021


CB Insights

CB Insights, 2020

Business Model Strategies From the World’s Best Products, Services, and Organizations

Alan Smith et al.

Wiley, 2020

Crafting Business on Your Own Terms

Jaime Schmidt

Chronicle Books, 2020

R 8

Yiwen Guan and Fang Gong Yi Liu

Late Post, 2019


CB Insights

CB Insights, 2020